Stars in indigenous eyes

How does seeing monsters in the stars help scientists understand how crocodiles migrated over millennia? Much in the same way that a cultural man and astrophysicist can become friends. Australian Aboriginal people have been telling stories for tens of thousands of years, but only now are researchers starting to find the science within them. In this story we talked to Muruwari man Willy Stevens and his scientific partner in crime Dr. Duane Hamacher.

Duane’s work has been featured in multiple outlets and he’s a regular contributor to The Conversation. While he’s based at Monash University in Melbourne he came down to hang out with his, and our friend Jill.

We recorded this episode at Coopers Hotel in Newtown, in Sydney. We’re grateful to the staff there, and local artist Thaylia for allowing us to use her track “waiting”. Find more of Thaylia’s work on bandcamp.