Dr Schaumberg (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the pill)

Mia Schaumberg always loved science, but she also loves exercise, so it would seem natural that she would end up as an exercise physiologist. Having received her doctorate she works as a lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, whilst researching links between exercise and brain health in the ageing brain. During her PhD, though, she focused on how the contraceptive pill might affect athletic performance.

Mia has had no qualms about tackling the “icky” subjects of birth control and menstruation. Which is a good thing since the gender gap for medicines and safety is huge! Check out this Guardian article on how male-dominated test subjects have been failing women, well, forever!

For this recording we went from one Sunshine State (Florida) to another (Queensland). Thank you to the delightful staff at Popolo for going above and beyond to make us comfortable, and the lovely Felivand for allowing us to feature the track “Same old”. Check out more of their dreamy tunes on bandcamp.