People power

Andrea Wiggins rather confusingly is a scientist that studies other people doing science. The technologies they use, how they work together and how they share information. Did you think research was just for scientists? Well Andrea looks at how citizen science works. How people without formal scientific training are helping to push the boundaries for research in fields ranging from ornithology to astronomy.

Do you think you too want to be a citizen scientist? Well check out SciStarter where you can find local projects to turn your hand to. In the meanwhile, you can find us with our parent company ScientistsInc joining the many scientists and supporters that will be marching on Earth day - April 22nd in the March for Science. Don't forget, that week is also the week for our taste of science festival, so come out and savor some science with us!
Thanks to the Sylvan Cafe and Bakery for hosting us and Monty Harper for making this theme tune to citizen science available to use.