For the love of frogs

Taegan McMahon, of the University of Tampa, has pretty much grown up in the wild. Destined to become an ecologist, she studies fungal infections that are killing off entire frog populations, and she's run into jungles, crossed rapidly flowing rivers and battled crocodiles to do so! OK maybe battled is a slight exaggeration, but there seems to be little she won't do to protect her amphibious friends.

She was also a speaker at our annual science festival last year, where she brought out some of her test subjects for the audience to meet. If you'd like to find events like these in a city near you, head to the taste of science website to find out what will be going on between April 23rd - 28th.

We were happy to be back at our podcasting home at the New World Brewery for this one, thanks to them for welcoming us as always. The track featured on this recording is called "Frogs Legs Rag" by James Scott.