March for Science: The Scientist

Andrew Steele is an astrobiologist who is most at home hiding in his lab analyzing his data. Given that he is looking for life on other planets - so would we be! But Andrew is one of many scientists who realizes that hiding away is no longer an option. They need to be out there communicating their work to a public that deserves to hear about it. 

Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Carnegie Institution for Science for use of their beautiful space and recording this podcast. Thanks to our taste of science DC team and the March for Science for putting together such a great event. Finally, Paul was not only generous with his time but his music - for this we are incredibly grateful. The track featured here is "Antarctic Rhythms (Invincible Hip Hop Mix)" from his album Of Water and Ice which is freely available for you to listen to. All of the electronic sounds are generated by interpretations of either algorithms that mirror the geometry in ice crystals or the math of climate change data.