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March for Science: The Advocate

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D. is a marine biologist, policy expert, and founder of Ocean Collectiv, a consulting group for ocean conservation solutions that center social justice. She writes about how we can use the ocean without using it up on the National Geographic blog and @ayanaeliza. As a defender of science, after hearing about the march she knew she had to get involved. Tune in to hear more about the overwhelming support science has received from the public and how scientists can and should be doing more to help influence the policies that affect all our lives.

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March for Science: The Artist

The March for Science was a global celebration of science. Attended across the world by scientists and non-scientists from every background. It was a demonstration of support for a field of work that affects our health, our economies and our planet. It was a vote of confidence for the importance of evidence. We spoke to three special guests about what the march meant to them. In part I, meet Paul Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky — artist and friend of the sciences. Listen in to how he's inspired by researchers and mathematicians to bring their work to a wider audience.

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