The volcano seismologist (a re-release)

Tis the season to be thankful, and we are, for our friend Mel and her return to Tampa. So to celebrate we wanted to re-release her podcast. The volcanologist who studies the earthquakes generated by volcanoes, in order to predict potential eruptions better. Mel's work requires her to spend a lot of time in close proximity to volatile, active volcanoes – even sacrificing her favorite sweater to collect a sample of rock from a lava flow. Can't handle the heat? Get out of the volcano... and listen to Mel's story in this podcast.

Many thanks to the hospitality of The Fly Bar Tampa.

And many more thanks to the talented and handsome Mathew Halpern for the music featured in this podcast. You can listen to more of his music on SoundCloud as Cole Mathews and as himself, Mathew Halpern. You can follow Mathew on Twitter as @MathewHalpern.