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The running scientist

John Brewer is a runner who works in science, and a scientist who studies running. We hear stories about the right kind of shoes, diet, hydration and technology but what's the evidence underlying the hype? John talks about how our bodies respond to heat, food and running barefoot, and how runners probably deserve that extra piece of pie during the holidays.

We were like kids in a candy store (or rather runners in a shoe store) for this one, so forgive us the indulgence!

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Our little black box

Our brains are our little black boxes, making us who we are. But how does a brain store memories and where? Why do we lose them as we get ill or old? This was the subject for our guest, neurologist and neuroscientist Emrah Düzel. His group in Magdeburg Germany, looks at new ways of tackling diseases such as Alzheimer's, like exercise and brain training. So listen in and form a few new synapses of your own.

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Don't judge a book...

You're not prejudiced are you? No, neither are we. Yet we all unintentionally make snap judgements about people every day. This "implicit bias" is the bread and butter of criminologist Lorie Fridell. Her work with the police highlights the dangers of this kind of bias, but also shows that, with a little bit of training, this is something we can all overcome.

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