Bright lights and sleeping tight

Sunlight, blue light, red light, sleep tight!

Virginie Gabel is a neuroscientist and a specialist in light and sleep cycles. Why do we sleep less when we're older and why do screens ruin our sleep? Why is our circadian rhythm important to our health, and how long should a "disco nap" be?

These are all important questions we tackled with her over our coffee and croissants.

We had the great pleasure of gathering many of our taste of science city coordinators for this recording. Erin Oswald from NYC, Katie Long from Chicago, Saumyaa and Sahil Bansal from San Francisco and Sinéad Aherne our local Tampa rep. Our festival is geared towards adults looking for the opportunity to learn more about science and ask questions of the people doing the research, all while enjoying their drink of choice. Check out our website to find out if there is a festival near you!

Thank you to our dear friends Etienne and Gwen for hosting us and to The Freeharmonic Orchestra for making their track Sleepless available through Creative Commons.